Chevron Toque

Chevron Toque



A modern take on a classic hat. Double-layered for maximum warmth, the Chevron Toque has the substance of a Kubanka and the nostalgia of the beloved folded brim, hand-knit toque.

*This piece is a part of our award-winning Runway Collection.


  • Local alpaca and wool yarn
  • Machine knit
  • Double layered
  • Available in Black/Gray Chevron and Dark Brown/Camel Chevron
  • Eco-dry clean
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The farmers supplying materials for this garment are PootCorners Alpaca Farm and Migration Arts.

The makers supporting this garment are Freelton Fibre Mill and Wellington Fibres.

The creator making this garment is Peggy Sue Deaven-Smiltnieks.

Runway | TFI garments will be delivered in November 2016.