a.b. originals

rockwood, on, canada

Alfie and John Galda, husband and wife team, are two uniquely talented individuals. Alfie has been hand-knitting sweaters for over 30 years and has won many distinguishing awards for her work as a North American Knitter. However, she always expressed her dismay when it came to the open market button selection available in Canada, when the time came to add her buttons to her own very unique pieces.

Her resourceful husband John, ever perceptive, saw how beautiful the inside of one of the branches he had just trimmed from his front yard was and the idea struck him to begin making simple, quality, flat buttons from beautiful, naturally colored, textured and shaped materials. John's buttons and brooches not only became the staple closure on Alfie's sweaters, but have risen in vast popularity amidst the knitting community. Each button is inheirently unique and John preserves the natural organic silhouette shapes and uneven edging.

Peggy Sue Collection is extremely thankful to have Canadian made closures from natural materials for our garments in such a wide and varied selection of color, texture, size and shape.