Peggy Sue Deaven Smiltnieks

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, I grew up with sand in between my toes, a skyline filled with palm trees, and eternal sunshine. My comfort was found along the coast of Venice Beach at early morning while the only thing you could hear was the constant rolling and crashing of the waves. From my start I have found deep peace within knowing that nature is stronger, more profound, and honest in its incredible existence than anything man-made.

I received my training in Providence, Rhode Island from the Rhode Island School of Design where I completed my BFA in Apparel Design. I was asked to dig deep, observe closely, and create fearlessly within my programmes. I sincerely love to create and at that time thought that excellence in quality form and function were admirably enough to strive for.

I graduated in the midst of the recession, when those who had graduated before me were even still struggling to find placement within the world of employment. The start of my career took me to New York City, New York, where I was sharpened and asked to grow in a completely different direction than what my school had required; in practicality and pragmatism.

I worked for companies that were mavericks in the field of production and supply chain building, where I learned how to maximize efficiencies, cut costs, and expedite timelines. I learned how to create mechanisms that assumed people, the environment and animals to be interchangeable gears and parts.



Heritage luxury as a force for good.

Peggy Sue Deaven-Smiltnieks

Like many, I too was challenged economically during the recession. I saw how it took a toll on my loved ones and the members of my community. And during this time I began witnessing a community of strength and courage dare to exist. I began to know my local farming community. I saw how $1 more spent on a dozen eggs at a farmers’ market over time improved the life and livelihood of a farm, its farmers, and animals. And I wanted to see if that same idea could be applied to a farmer and their fiber.

Could fashion act as a mechanism that instead improved the lives, the lands and the animals that it was a by-product of? Because – that, is what fashion is. It is a by-product that acts as tangible evidence of the health and well-being of our world in entirety.

When you consider the clothing that this company puts forward, know that it is my sincere intention to put forth honest, thoughtful and well considered workmanship that not only strives for excellence in form and function, but attempts to slowly improve the quality of the social and global environment that it relies so heavily upon.

Every one of our textiles begins as raw fiber sourced from a North American Farm, spun in a North American Mill and is woven, knit or felted by a North American Artisan. Our cottons are American Organic or upcycled denim. Our wools are Canadian. Our garments are made locally in Toronto, Canada.

Every answer begins with a question asked. Can fashion be a force for good?