all sorts acre farm

orangeville, on, canada

A gift of two shetland sheep began the journey of Jennifer and Tim Osborn. Little did Tim and Jennifer know that those two little wool balls would bring them to where they are today.

Currently located on 80 acres in the heart of the Headwaters just outside of Toronto, ontario, Tim and Jennifer raise a flock of over 30 sheep for both wool and meat.

They use organic and natural practices including rotational grazing, natural parasite control, and not over stocking the land to maintain a bio-diverse and balanced farm. Best practices like these help to protect birds, bees, and other essential wildlife.

Eating well helps the planet when done right.

Jennifer also helped to co-found the Upper Canada Fibreshed and is actively involved within the local fiber community connecting people and spreading awareness. She is a gifted fine arts and fiber artist. Constantly looking for that new project and finding functional new ways to use her wool, she is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to knowing what a wool breed's fiber is capable of.