atlas tanning

blyth, on, canada

Atlas Tanning is one of the two tanneries left in Ontario. This tannery specializes in processing "hair-on" hides from animals that have been raised by local farmers for meat consumption or from the hunting industry.

Because of their existence and proximity, Ontario farmers and hunters are able to upcycle a would be waste by product of the meat industry into a long lasting item. Ontario tanneries have extremely strict animal rights and environmental laws that must be upheld in their processing for them to maintain their business licenses and certifications. North American tannery processes are vastly more humane and ethical than most tanning abroad and are regionally regulated.

As the desire for fur and leather grows and consumers are less willing to pay higher prices, tanning operations are outsourced to countries that have little to no environmental protection or animal rights laws. Tanning is an expensive process and hard for most small farmers to afford if there is not a dedicated buyer ready to purchase the finished product. That is where we come in.

Peggy Sue Collection Inc. is a strong supporter of knowing where your leather and fur comes from and how it was produced. And in most cases, our company purchases hides in-person from the farmers who have raised their animals in a free-range and healthy environment, where the farmer can name the animal and their lineage within their herd.