The Fine Arts Society of Milton (F.A.S.M.) is a group of passionate artists committed to supporting and promoting fine arts in the Milton Community by bringing together people with a common interest in visual arts and by providing it's members with the opportunity to further grow their art and art appreciation.

F.A.S.M. is a not-for-profit organization that since it's inception in January of 1997, has grown from 35 to 130 members. They are a volunteer based organization where members contribute freely of their time and their many skills. They played an integral role in the planning and development of the gallery at Milton Centre for the Arts and have been the recipients of funding through the Milton Community Fund as well as received event support from various local businesses.

Each year F.A.S.M. hosts an annual studio tour where the very best of Milton's artists showcase their work for the community to see. This a wonderful opportunity that connects Milton artists with the surrounding community.