huntingdon yarn mill

philadelphia, pa, u.s.a.

Founded by the Birkenbach family and the Jaharas, Huntingdon Yarn Mill has been continually operating its plant since 1940 with only it's two family owners.

Huntingdon Mill produces high-end novelty twisted yarns and metallic twisted yarns for apparel, home furnishings, and other sometimes industrial uses such as the twisting of Kevlar as well as fiber used in fighter jet filtration systems. The mill however, focuses on natural fibers such as wool, cotton, rayon, kidd mohair, linen, and silk, all of which are processed in unique ways.

Huntingdon is set up to work with companies and designers both big and small. They can dye as little as 20 pounds per color of yarn, sell one or two cones of yarn at a time, keep 20 yarns in stock in up to 100 colors for quick turnaround needs and can also meet larger volume requirements.