organic cotton plus

ridgefield, ct, u.s.a.

Organic Cotton Plus is an amazing one-stop-shop for all those makers who want to use natural fibers, fabrics, dyes and trims for their projects. All of their items are from sustainable labor and milling sources. Not only do they have a made in the U.S.A. section, they are one of the only online  retailers to also tell you the region and working conditions of the laborers, mills and farms who produced the fiber sourced from abroad.

Selling the best-of-the-best environmental and socially conscious goods, they have treasures ranging from organic cotton venice lace from Slovenia, color grown cotton fabrics from the U.S.A., and even natural dye pigments.

Peggy Sue Collection Inc.'s founder, Peggy Sue Deaven-Smiltnieks, began using their fabrics and fiber when she was building her earlier collections and getting more familiar with the natural fiber and fabric landscape.

This company is a unique gem that supports sustainable fabric practices by connecting consumers with honest, raw natural goods and supports the mills and farmers who endeavor to produce a superior quality, organic natural fabric.