Pergamena: r.e. meyer & sons leather

montgomery, ny, u.s.a

Using traditional methods and modern advancements, Pergamena Leather produces beautiful, one-of-a-kind vegetable tanned leathers from sustainably sourced skins. All of their leathers are made from animals that have either died naturally or been raised for food, while their hides come from local farms and hunters. When possible, Pergamena endeavors to use natural and biodegradeable dyes or pigments when creating custom colored products.

Peggy Sue Collection Inc. has sourced calf leather and goat sueded splits for it's garment collection and is so thankful to work with a local North American tannery that uses vegetable tanning methods.

Vegetable tanned leathers are truly unique as each skin will have a slightly different shade and texture due to it's natural processing techniques. While vegetable tanned leathers are initially more rigid than chrome or mineral tanned leathers, when worn over time they achieve person-specific characteristics that make a garment even more unique to it's wearer.

Vegetable tanning is significantly more environmentally friendly than chrome tanning and produces a leather that will last longer due to the more natural handling of the skin in the tanning and finishing process.