rach-al-paca farm

hastings, mn, u.s.a.

Rach-al-paca Farm believes in a self-sustaining fiber-based alpaca and sheep industry.  They shear the animals, clean their fibers, and make yarns, socks and other clothing from their harvest.  Aside from the beautiful natural colored-raised herd of alpacas and Shetland sheep living there, they also raise meat goats and laying hens for eggs.

While Rach-Al-Paca's Mill began processing mostly alpaca fiber, they have expanded their expertise to fine wools, mohair and blends of fine fibers. Having processed fiber for 10 years, they are able to process an individual fleece from a single animal or combine several fleeces for a larger lot of the same color. Keep in mind too that blending several shades of fleece can also produce beautiful heathered results!