the contemporary textile studio co-op

toronto, on, canada

The Contemporary Textile Studio Co-operativewas developed in 2006 by a group of textile artists and craftspersons in Toronto to provide access to affordable and properly equipped studio space. Through the studio, members and associates work, teach, learn, interact and innovate with other designers and artists, and the community.

The studio space is located at 401 Richmond St. W., situated in Toronto's cultural hub and surrounded by other artist-run centres. The studio hosts ongoing workshops and classes, textile talks, and special events.

Peggy Sue Collection Inc. first connected with The Contemporary Textile Studio Co-operative through Rachel MacHenry of Botanica Tinctoria. When researching local experts within the natural dyes discipline, Rachel's work and dedication to preserving natural dyeing techniques came to the forefront.

A great space for like-minded people to connect and for artists to explore their creative pursuits, it's members are a group of truly gifted individuals.