White tanning

rockwood, on, canada

White Tanning is one of two tanneries still operating in Ontario. They specialize in "hair-off" glove leather; meaning that the tanning process removes the hair from the animal's hide and leaves the leather with a malleable, spreadable hand feel that is best for glove making and garmentry due to it's sculptable nature.

White Tanning uses mineral tanning methods to produce leathers from the skins of animals processed for the Ontario meat industry as well as licensed hunting game with minimal environmental impact as regulated by the ministry; thereby upcycling a would be waste by-product of the meat industry. 

Leathers produced are: cow, goat, pig, deer, moose, and buffalo. They also work directly with Hides in Hand to supply a traceable leather source for their products and a constant demand for Canadian leathers so that no hide that is a by product of the meat industry goes to waste.