a.g.r. shearing

Simcoe, ON, Canada

Rob Green started shearing in 2010 under the guidance of Danny Parker. Since then he has assembled a 4 man team that travels year-round to meet the ever demanding shearing needs of alpaca farmers. His company, A.G.R. Shearing, has now been in business for approximately 4 years with an ever inreasing client list.

When I first met Rob and his team, at Lickety Spit Fibre Farm's annual shearing in May, I had never seen before seen an alpaca being shorn let alone two herds worth.

A very strategically organized team, all shearers and handlers worked seamlessly with one another, predicting and preparing for the next steps and needs of each member in order to best handle the animal being shorn and it's fiber. Each animal was well taken care of throughout the process and handled quite gently.

I then had the pleasure of seeing them soon thereafter at Alpacas from Eighth and Mud's Annual Shearing festival the following weekend where they had to work through almost twice as many animals with a large, ever-watching crowd of spectators.

A.G.R. Shearing offers services in the provinces of: Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan; with plans of adding Alberta.