glanbrook, on, canada

Lickety Spit Fibre Farm was started when two friends decided to come together because of their love for animals and their beliefs in ethical animal husbandry. A filmographer and a veterinarian, they bring a uniquely balanced approach to their farm. Not only is their story beautifully shared, but the welfare of their herd prouces a beautiful fiber and a place of calm respite. Their farm is a truly dynamic place.

Peggy Sue Collection Inc. had the privelege this past Spring of being an active participant in their seasonal shearing run by AGR Shearing Team. Local friends and family gathered to help shear and sort fiber for their alpacas.

Their sheep and alpacas live together as a herd, and have access to both barn and pasture. Their laying chickens are completely free-range, and their broilers live in open-air, pastured tractors that get moved daily. Their ducks live in a pond enclosure alongside the swans and a goose.

All of their animals are hormone free and none are medicated unless absolutely necessary.  They use natural and safe remedies to maintain good health and a clean environment for their animals.  They believe that a healthy environment creates a healthy immune system which helps the animals fight off sickness.
Endeavoring to create as closed of a system as possible;  the barn and coop waste gets composted and added to the gardens.  The garden waste gets fed to the animals and whatever is leftover is composted.

Their fibre is processed in an environmentally-conscious way to try to keep their (hoof)prints small.