palmerston, on, canada

Peter and Suelaine Poot first purchased two bred female alpacas in 2004. Their 24-acre family farm is home to both suri and huacaya alpacas as well as their remarkably gifted six children, who are all active within their farm and surrounding community.

Their alpaca herd has a truly high quality fiber as well as a large variety of natural colors: off white, fawn, caramel, dark brown, light gray to medium gray and a true natural black. With Peter at the shears and Suelaine (a certified fiber classer) at the sorting table, their final raw fleeces are a pleasure to have within our collection.

Unlike any other alpaca fiber farm within Ontario, Pootcorners Alpacas also raises their animals for meat consumption and as a result of their sustainable, no-waste practices, produce beautiful, natural colored alpaca hides with Atlas Tanning in Blythe, ON.

Remarkably, instead of composting the hides because no local tannery had previously tanned alpaca, they worked dilligently, patiently and faithfully with Atlas Tanning as they perfected their alpaca tanning abilities and continue to regularly have their alpaca hides tanned.

The result is North American raised and produced alpaca hides that Peggy Sue Collection Inc. can use within their outterwear garments.